Candidates’ promises – Ahadi za wagombea

The table below shows a list of reported promises made by senior politicians from CCM, Ukawa and ACT-Wazalendo during the current election campaign. It draws on promises as reported on the websites of Mwananchi, The Citizen, Nipashe and The Guardian newspapers, plus a small number of other sources. It includes promises made by presidential or vice-presidential candidates for Tanzania, presidential candidates for Zanzibar, and a small number of other senior party figures.

It cannot claim to be a complete list of all promises made by candidates and senior campaign figures, as many promises are not reported. Further, it does not include promises made by parliamentary candidates.

The table can be filtered in the following categories:

  • Party of candidate / politician (CCM / Ukawa / ACT-Wazalendo)
  • Candidate or politician
  • Issue
  • Place (if a promise relates to a specific location – e.g. a new road in Singida)
  • Date reported

If there are very few promises displayed, try resetting some of the filters to “all”.

Moving your mouse pointed over the coloured circle will provide further details of each promise, including the source and web address of the original article.