registration by region and gender

Registered voters by region and gender

The chart below presents newly released data from the National Electoral Commission, which gives breakdowns of the number of male and female registered voters by region. In most regions, the numbers of female and male registered voters are similar, with a few exceptions. Most notably, there are more female than male registered voters in Geita[…]

registered voters by age

Registered voters by age

The National Electoral Commission has released a breakdown of registered voters by age group, which has been compiled into the chart below. It shows how a clear majority (57%) of registered voters are young people, defined here as those under 35 years old. This matches the age profile of the adult population of Tanzania. The[…]

turnout 2000-2010

What happened to election turnout between 2000 and 2010?

84% of registered voters voted in 2000, just 42% in 2010. That’s an incredibly fast drop-off. So what happened? Well, I don’t think anyone really has the answer. If you look at the more detailed numbers, you see that the number of registered voters almost doubled between 2000 and 2010, but that the number of[…]