Profile – Edward Lowassa, Chadema / Ukawa

Mr Edward Lowassa was born on August 26, 1953 in Munduli District in Arusha Region. He is the fourth child of herdsman Ngoyai Lowassa, who worked part-time for the colonial government in Monduli District as a village law enforcer. He went to Monduli Primary School, which was later renamed Moringe Primary School in 1961 to[…]

campaign numbers

Presidential election campaigns by numbers

How many regions have the leading presidential candidates visited since the start of the campaign? How many rallies have they held? How much time have they spent speaking to the public? RaiaMwema newspaper published a front page story this week with the headline, Patashika (commotion), with answers to these questions given by senior members of the[…]

candidates by gender

What proportion of candidates are female?

Based on data from the National Electoral Commission, as reported by Nipashe newspaper (and others), this chart shows the number and proportion of candidates for the positions of councillor, MP and president who are male and female. In all three cases, the vast majority of candidates (81-94%) are male.  

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Laws, regulations, etc.

Laws and regulations: Election Expenses Act 2010 (English) (Parliament) Sheria ya Gharama za Uchaguzi 2010 (Swahili) (ORPP) Amri ya Gharama za Uchaguzi (2015) – Directive on election expenses (ORPP) – this sets limits on election expenditure by candidates and parties Expenses Form for Candidates (ORPP) Political Parties Act (2004) (ORPP) Political Parties Code of Conduct (2007) (ORPP) Election[…]