Idd Uddi

Viongozi serikali za mitaa wasaidia wananchi kujiandikisha

Mzee Iddi Uddi ni mtanzania anayeishi Manispaa ya Bukoba mjini. Ana umri wa miaka (61) na ni mwenyekiti wa mtaa katika Kata ya Birere. Amekuwa katika nafasi hiyo kwa muda sasa na alihusika katika mchakato wa uandikishaji akiwa kama msimamizi katika kituo kimoja kilichopo ndani ya kata yake. Akiwa kama mwenyekiti, anatushirikisha mambo mengi leo.[…]

Felister Mwamalembe

Sikufanikiwa kujiandikisha!

Felister Mwamalembe ni binti mwenye miaka (18). Anaishi Ludewa katika mkoa wa Njombe. Anafanya kazi kama msichana wa kazi za ndani katika kaya moja na alikuwa na shauku ya kujiandikisha kwa mara ya kwanza. Ameishi katika eneo hili kwa takribani miaka miwili kabla ya kuondoka Dar es Salaam. Felister anatueleza uzoefu wake kama binti ambaye[…]

Jamila Masoud

Attributing the turn up to constitutional review awareness

Jamila Masoud (34) is a mother of two residing with her family at Magharibi district, MjiniMagharibi region in Unguja. It was her first time to register as she previously lived in Tanzania mainland until recently when the family shifted back to Zanzibar. Jamila was pregnant during registration and she now has a one month little[…]

My right

Because I knew it was my right to register and vote!

Winifrida Charles (19) is a student at Vocational Educational and Training Authority in Dar es Salaam and lives in Temeke District. Winifrida is one of the young girls who registered for the first time as she just turned 18 years last year. She shares her story how she received information and her participation in the[…]


Local leader plays role in sensitizing communities towards elections

Mrisho Juma Mtwana (62) is a Sheha for Mtemani Shehia in Wete District, Kaskazini region in Pemba since 2011. As a community leader his role has been to educate the community to participate in elections by ensuring they register and vote. Mrisho says, “I was sensitizing community members to ensure they understand why they should[…]

with a cap

Collaboration between religious leaders and government officials proves fruitful in Pemba

Fakih Sleyyum Faki (52) is a National Electoral Commission (NEC) officer for Micheweni district, Kaskazini region in Pemba. Fakih was responsible for coordination of the registration exercise and is now involved in other election preparatory activities. He played the same role during the 2010 elections. Fakih started by providing some information about the two electoral[…]

older man

A religious leader’s role in voter registration

Juma Said (70) is a deputy Imam for Tiba Masjid at Konde Shehia, Micheweni district, Kaskazini Region in Pemba. Said registered through the Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) system during previous election in Zanzibar under Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC). Juma was aware of the 2015 registration through the Zanzibar Electoral Committe (ZEC) and National Electoral Commission[…]

peer influence

Queues as a deterrent to youth registration

Thomas Mathias (24) is a resident of Arusha Municipal Council. Thomas graduated from University of Dodoma (UDOM) just this year. Speaking of how he became aware of the registration exercise Thomas says, “I knew about the voter’s registration at the initial stages when I was at the university but I did not take it serious[…]


New technology embraced by older voters

Emmanuel Rajab (63) is a resident of Arusha Municipal. Emmanuel participated in the voter’s registration exercise and registered at Daraja Mbili primary school. Emmanuel registered on the fourth day and shared his story of how he became aware of the exercise and how he experienced the process. He said, “Three weeks before the exercise a[…]