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Taarifa kutoka kwa waangalizi wa uchaguzi (Coalition on Election Monitoring and Observation in Tanzania)

Utangulizi Kituo cha uangalizi wa uchaguzi kinakusanya taarifa za mchakato wa uchaguzi kutoka nchi nzima. Kwa kutumia teknolojia ya kisasa, waangalizi wetu zaidi ya mia tatu wanawasilisha taarifa zinazotuwezesha kutambua mwenendo wa uchaguzi, matukio ya pekee na madhara yanayoweza kutokana na matukio hayo. Waangalizi wetu wamesambaa katika majimbo yote 265 Tanzania Bara na Zanzibar ambapo[…]

registration by region and gender

Registered voters by region and gender

The chart below presents newly released data from the National Electoral Commission, which gives breakdowns of the number of male and female registered voters by region. In most regions, the numbers of female and male registered voters are similar, with a few exceptions. Most notably, there are more female than male registered voters in Geita[…]

registered voters by age

Registered voters by age

The National Electoral Commission has released a breakdown of registered voters by age group, which has been compiled into the chart below. It shows how a clear majority (57%) of registered voters are young people, defined here as those under 35 years old. This matches the age profile of the adult population of Tanzania. The[…]

registered voters by region

Registered and eligible voters by region (and Zanzibar)

The chart below shows the number of eligible and registered voters by mainland region, and for Zanzibar. It is based on data on population and estimates of the number of eligible voters by region from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), and data on registered voters from the National Electoral Commission (NEC) and Zanzibar Electoral[…]

campaign numbers

Presidential election campaigns by numbers

How many regions have the leading presidential candidates visited since the start of the campaign? How many rallies have they held? How much time have they spent speaking to the public? RaiaMwema newspaper published a front page story this week with the headline, Patashika (commotion), with answers to these questions given by senior members of the[…]

voter registration by country

How does voter registration in 2015 in Tanzania compare to past elections and other countries?

UPDATED 13/10/15 – Revised 2015 voter registration figures issued by NEC.  There is no specific figure for the proportion of the voting age population that needs to be registered in order for an election to be considered legitimate. Voting (and registration) is not compulsory, so people are free to decide against registering themselves. What matters is[…]

registered voters - national

Voter registration (BVR) by numbers

UPDATED 13/10/15 – with revised numbers from NEC.  There are an estimated 24.3 million eligible voters in Tanzania, according to estimates produced by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). And according to figures released by the National Electoral Commission (NEC), the vast majority of eligible voters have been registered. After duplicate registrations, registrations created as[…]

candidates by gender

What proportion of candidates are female?

Based on data from the National Electoral Commission, as reported by Nipashe newspaper (and others), this chart shows the number and proportion of candidates for the positions of councillor, MP and president who are male and female. In all three cases, the vast majority of candidates (81-94%) are male.